things that have accumulated and things that are gathering

potato cup

potato cup!


bug vase

bug vase!


three legged race vase

three legged race vase!


cups reduced.png

three cups

glass, dried tangerine peel, found pottery, plastic, alginate, plum pits


perfume, cup with legs, lemon bowl, and an egg with a handle

glass, plum water, plastic takeout container, plaster, cement, plum pits, gravel, rubber bands

lemon on a pedestal

lemon on a pedestal, three legged race vase!, lemons with holes, pit container

dehydrated lemons, ceramic, cement, alginate, plaster, glass, a marble

pits reduced.png

pits, potato, cup laying down, turnips standing up

plum pits from my backyard in a paper container, gravel from my driveway in a paper container, wax, plaster, glass, a marble, rubber bands